Editing Services


Do you have handwritten notes which you would like to publish. We can type it for you for a fee. This service does not include proof-reading.

Pricing: 20 per 200 words for English, 30 per 200 words for Hindi

Proof-Reading & Editing

Copy Editing is the process of making a manuscript grammatically correct. We have a team of professional editors who will review your manuscript, suggest changes in grammar, punctuation and spelling to make your manuscript error free.

Pricing: 60 per 200 words for English, 80 per 200 words for Hindi

Copyright Registration

As per Indian Copyright Laws, Copyright protection is inherent and begin as soon as the author creates the work. However, we can file for copyright registration with the Registrar of Copyright (Govt. of India) to protect your content from any possible infringement.

Pricing: 6000 is our service fee

* All prices are inclusive of GST.