Mala Singh

Born in 1957 in Arrah district of Bihar, Mala Singh completed her schooling from there itself. She got her degree from Magadh University. Presently she resides in Bokaro, Jharkhand and is a homemaker with a keen interest in reading and writing. This is her second book, first published book being " Anubhavo ki bayanbazi " which is a collection of poems.

Anubhawon ki Bayanbazi
जिन्दगी जीने के दौरान जो कुछ भाव जागे, कुछ प्रश्न उगे, कुछ कोमल कुछ कठोर उन्हें शब्दों में लिख दी। जमा हो कविता बन गये और अब आपके सामने है। अगर पसन्द आये पाठक को तो कोशिश मेरी सफल होगी।